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A Home Pet Care Guide

A Home Pet Care Guide


Going on vacation is a thrilling experience for a family. Some of us look forward to unwinding during our holidays, while others relish the excitement of new experiences.

In fact, there are those who vacation in the same holiday spot every year because they are comfortable and don't like change, and some even prefer to stay at home during the holidays because, for them, nothing equals the pleasures of being home all day. Strangely enough, this is how our four-legged family members feel.

Probably you are going on business or vacation soon, and there is a concern. You're wondering who will look after your pets or where you can leave them while you're away. Here is an option for you – In-home pet care. It's a great alternative to employing a boarding kennel or cattery, and your pets (whether cats or dogs) will appreciate it. This article will help you know why so many people make this decision.


Why Pet Boarding Might Not Be The Best Choice

Pets, especially dogs and cats, dislike change. In fact, significant changes tend to stress them out, which has many consequences for their mental and physical health. Cats and dogs prefer to be in familiar surroundings and continue with their daily routines, which is where the services of a professional in-home pet care provider can come in handy. 

When you need to be away for a few days, in-home care from a reliable dog or cat sitter can be a terrific alternative to standard boarding arrangements for many pet parents.

Below are reasons you need a home pet care service:

Unfamiliar Surroundings

Placing your pets in a cattery or kennel can be a frightening experience, similar to moving to a new place and not knowing the language, not even a single person. Their senses are bombarded with strange odors, sounds, and images, which can be very disturbing. Pets are also very social animals who require the company of humans regularly, a phenomenon that is frequently not available when staying at a kennel or cattery. 

If you have a pet, you understand how difficult it can be to leave your treasured pet in a boarding cage while you go on a long vacation. Catteries and kennels can be noisy, smell weird, and lack the incredible comfort your pet loves at home.


Meal Options

Pets are usually fed food that is very different from what they are used to unless otherwise stated, which means extra costs. Taking the wrong meals can induce sicknesses such as diarrhea and weight loss for some pets. Changing your pet's food should be done slowly over a six to ten days period. Because of the new environment and close contact with other dogs and cats, your beloved pets are more likely to catch parasites and diseases when boarding. Having your pets cared for in their home environment is a healthier, safer, and less stressful choice.


Why You Should Use a Home Pet Care Service

Having an in-home pet care service is similar to having a pet butler. A good pet sitter will provide you with the option of one or more visits per day. Twice-daily services are good because they help keep your pet's regular schedule. The visits can be of varying lengths and are intended to keep your pets healthy and happy while you are gone.


Your pet care staff will not only make sure they are fed well and have clean water, but they will also keep your furry pals engaged and will joyfully play, walk, chat, cuddle or do what it takes to maintain their happiness (of course, litter change and pooper scooping is part of their responsibilities).

Below are some other advantages of home pet care services explained in detail:

1. Family Unavailability

With this option, you will no longer have to impose on relatives, friends, or neighbors; worry about your pets' travel illness, or waste time leaving them off because your pet sitter will come to you. Using an in-home pet care giver will also increase the security of your home. Most pet care services offer features like collecting mail and papers, putting your garbage cans out and in, watering your plants, opening and closing curtains, turning on and off lights, and even warming up your car.


2. Pet Care Expertise

If you're a pet parent seeking the better option for your pets, it’s advisable to take care of your pets at home. Use a professional pet sitter who will meet you and all of your pets before your departure. They will design a care plan for your specific pet's needs, as well as collect extensive information on your pet's likes, temperament, daily routines, eating habits, and health.


A professional home pet care personnel will have extensive pet care expertise, as well as CPR certification and first aid training for pets. Such professional will be more than happy to offer copies of these reports from other pet parents. They will also have public liability insurance and a police clearance for your peace of mind.


3. Familiar Surroundings

Giving your pets home care offers them an opportunityto stay in familiar surroundings as spending several days in a foreign environment is extremely stressful for anxious dogs (and almost all cats!). These creatures are usually considerably happy if they can remain in their own homes.


4. Special Focus

It is rare to find pet boarding staff who can afford to spend more time with your pets than home care staff. While the family is gone, many pets get easily bored and lonely. Why not hire a pet sitter to spend some time playing with your cat on the couch or play fetch with your dog behind the house?


5. Tractable Schedules

Many home pet care personnel have flexible schedules and can accommodate any special requirements or demands you may have for your pet's care. You can usually choose how many times the sitter should come by each day and how long the visits should last. Some sitters will even remain overnight to provide your dog or cat with someone to stay in bed with!


4. Added Services

A pet sitter can frequently take care of other minor household jobs such as watering plants and bringing in the mail. Rather than pay to board your pets and hire a different person to house-sit, this can be a terrific way to kill two birds with one stone!


What does this mean for your beloved pet that relies on you to keep them safe and happy? Imagine being able to bring to an end the high expenses and stress by offering your pet expert loving touch and care in the comfort of your own home. There are several safe and nontoxic home care options that anyone can learn to give to their pet. Conduct your research and know what quality of care you can give your pet when you're away from them.

Ensure you eliminate the worry of going on vacation by making arrangements for a hme pet care. Allow your pets to be cared for in the comfort of their own home by a local expert pet care service. Your beloved pets will eat their regular food, sleep soundly, and continue to participate in many, if not all, of their normal activities. They will benefit from daily social engagement, exercise, and affection, making them happier pets. Who doesn't want happier pets?


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